Download ZTE Awe N800 User Guide Manual Free

Download ZTE Awe N800 User Guide Manual Free

external hardware

First, let's talk about the fear of external hardware . Certainly feels much better than a $ 100 phone . It has a high quality building and feels like it will fall apart in your hands, and it feels like it can take a couple of shots . No doubt he survived a fall of 5 feet of good quality concrete . The phone also looks great with a battery cover, but strangely wrong texture. The phone has a gray border , where all the buttons are . Speaking of buttons, there is almost no rattling when the phone many phones in this price range suffer agitation. Also placed in the same way , the volume buttons on the power of the iPhone on the right side and the best. Personally, I like the design of the Samsung Galaxy better, but if you have an iPhone , it's probably more like it . There are touch-sensitive buttons below the 4 -inch IPS ( see below) screen, unlike the new Nexus devices. The buttons have the exact same as those that Google puts on Android devices without buttons, like the recent Nexus device design . They LED backlight, like most phones. To conclude this section, some fine details. The back cover is slightly flexible , and easy to remove . The micro -USB port is recessed as I like, but not bad. And one more thing , a camera button ! Very rare to have a phone today, especially at this price.
Download ZTE Awe N800 User Guide Manual Free

Equipment and internal performance

In the field of action, so admirable for $ 100. It has a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 more CPU ( MSM8930 ) and 780 MB RAM . Benchmarks achieved a score of 13 953 in 4680 AnTuTu 4 and in the quadrant. So overall is not far behind and holding ground against phones like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2, and price performance in competition with the Nexus 4 and other phones. When Benchmark Black Hole Cross Platform Edition comes, I 'll post the results here , so stay tuned .

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