Download ZTE Midnight Z768G User Guide Manual Free

Download ZTE Midnight Z768G User Guide Manual Free

Key Functions
Power/Lock Key Press and hold to turn on or off Silent or Airplane mode, or to power off.
Press to switch your phone to Sleep mode.
Press to wake up your phone.
Home Key Press to return to the Home Screen from any application or screen.
Press and hold to see recently used applications.
Menu Key Press to get the options for the current screen.
Back Key Press to go to the previous screen.
Search Key Press to search information on the current screen or application.
Volume Keys Press or hold to turn the volume up or down.
Download ZTE Midnight Z768G User Guide Manual Free
Highlights Android
First, we have a 800 MHz processor for entry level quite capable phones like this . OS is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich , which is not the latest , but still fairly new . Now , do not worry you have a performance 800 MHz processor , because after all, it is when combined with Ice Cream Sandwich excellent.

Despite being a Tracfone , have access to the latest applications through the Google Play Store . Unlike older who have not been Tracfones smartphones can download a free or paid downloads since applications offered by Google and not Tracfone . Next on the list is Google Maps, which is fully functional because your phone has GPS features while Tracfone before . Capabilities also give access to the Google GPS navigation app . Course, also built in WiFi that allows you to save your minutes when a wireless internet connection is available. Finally, 3-megapixel digital camera with video recorder. Not the most powerful machine in the world, but it takes good pictures and is also video recording too . There is no LED integrated on the phone in case you're wondering flash .

The phone handles multimedia tasks well . Youtube works well without problems or failures. You can also stream Netflix, but that is best done when the WiFi because it is not the phone you want to use a lot of data . As usual in modern mobile has MP3 playback capabilities .

Highlights design
The most remarkable feature of the design is that the body dark blue . Other than that, the design is very similar to any other market entry level Android. The phone comes with a compact 3.5 "screen and the body is very compact , measuring about 4 1/ 2 inches tall x 2 1/2 inches wide and about 1/2 inch thick. This a very nice pocket phone ! point to note is available to Android 4 which is quite rare these days that most are coming with 3 buttons button layout. told me that this phone is an old design but because it is the latest version of Android.

One of the things I like about these phones is that ZTE comes with a rubber texture on the body and the battery cover . Speaking of battery caps , midnight is one that is easy to remove without breaking the butter knife. It is very useful when the micro SD card which is below the fold changes .

Call zones and calling plans
The great thing about Android phones is Tracfone you do not have to buy unlimited cards, because you can use traditional Tracfone cards that are available for regular phones. This means that you can have a basic calling plan with data for as little as $ 7 per month. Probably the best , even if the card is 450 minutes, as it provides up to 1.2 GB of data for about $ 26. Another interesting thing about this is that you can use different cards necessary for you do not always need to use the highest value cards .

As previously mentioned, this phone is GSM, which means TMobile Tracfone activated using one or AT & T. If for some reason you prefer or need a Verizon / Sprint coverage , then you may want to take a look at the Tracfone ZTE Jack.

In short, midnight ZTE Android is a great little less than $ 100. Not the most advanced phone by any means , but the newest Android is very capable and able to handle most tasks . There are three androids Tracfone and it is the only GSM in the pack if for any reason you need AT & T or T -Mobile , midnight is the one to get .

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